Interview, partly on traditional Saami handicraft. The consultants are sisters, one of them our later project assistant.
This recording takes place at our project office at the Center for National Culture in Lovozero. Our consultant was invited to watch and retell pear stories. However, she would rather like to tell us about her live history.
Interview at the consultant's place
Interview with two consultants taking place at KSDP's flat
Interview at the consultant's place
Interview with a former worker at the reindeer kolchoz
These interviews were recorded by Aleksandra Antonova, one of KSDP's main native speaker consultants in Lovozero, with the Edirol recorder the project handed over to her for practical language work in the community. Aleksandra Antonova wanted the recordings to be archived and handed over the files to KSDP on 6.3.2009. The exact dates of the recordings, which are still untranscribed, have to be checked.
The interviews where collected, archived and annotated in collaboration between several people. Interviews were carried out in Kildin Sami by Anna Prakhova and filmed by Niillas Somby. Preliminary transcriptions and translations into Russian where done by KSDP project collaborators Nina Sharshina and Svetlana Danilova in collaboration with Michael Rießler.
Conversation with a Ter Sami consultant. The second conversation partner speaks the neighboring language Kildin Sami.
Two very short recordings with a speaker who has hard to remember her native language.
Interview with a former reindeer herder
Interview with a Ter Saami speaker living in Saint Petersburg
Interview with a Ter Saami speaker living in Saint Petersburg
Elicitations on Ter Saami verbs and numerals
Documentation about the current situation of Sami obschinas and reindeer herding on the Kola peninsula. The current corpus node includes sessions with the original footage including several interviews as well as a copy of the documentation movie.


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