adaptation of European tale
customary story, audio-recorded, transcribed, translated, mroph-glossed, GRAID-glossed
customary story
Traditional story about a woman and her dead friend who eats her hild
customary story
customary story
customary story
Recording of the story about a seagull and a rat.
Story about a man and a spirit in ta reef that takes him to another island and brings him back to Vanua Lava, and then sats down at the position where it can be found today.
The recording was made immediately after ISGG. Thesed two recordings were the first at all I made in Vera'a, and the speaker volunteered to try out what it is like to be recorded.
Edited version of the recordined version of ISAM, edited by Makson Vores.
The story about hermit crab and rat, the friendship of whom ends over an argument about the just sharing of sea almonds.
Edited version of the recordined version of ISGG, edited by Makson Vores.
customary story, ausio-recorded, transcribed, translated
Video recording of a traditional story.
Recording of one of the important stories about Qo', the so-called God of the Banks and Torres Is. region.
customary story
customary story


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