Rising a traditional Saami tent ("koavas")
Unprocessed clip: Demonstration how to shakedown wool. The recording took place during a language camp.
Several unprocessed clips: cutting birch bark, collecting, cleaning and splitting birch root, also short conversations. Recordings take place during a language camp.
Unprocessed clip: Nina demonstrates how to weave with birch root. Recording takes place during a language camp.
Short conversation with Tat'jana and Petr. Petr is carving with an axe and singing. Recording takes place during a language camp.
Short conversation about cooking. The recording takes place during a Kildin Saami language camp at the lake Lujavv'r (Lovozero). Participants are teachers and students of this camp.
Short video impression of our consultants working in their garden.
A clip from a longer recording where the consultant skins and guts a ptarmigan in her kitchen for cooking it later. In this clip the ptarmigan is shown and a few characteristics of this bird are explained in Kildin Sámi., Клип длинной записи, показывающий как разделывают и потрошат белую куропатку на кухне у консультанта, подготавливая её для готовки.


Scheller, Elisabeth, Vasal'ev, Maksim, Кристина Кочева, and Михаэль Рисслер;Mēhkal,Ме̄һкал;Myšš'k,Мышшьк;Micha (2006 - 2008). Item "Procedural" in collection "Kola Saami Documentation Project". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2024-05-25)

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