Interview with a former worker at the reindeer kolchoz
Unprocessed clip: Funny monologue of the young consultant. The recording takes place during a Kildin Sami language camp at the lake Lujavv'r (Lovozero).
The consultant tells her guest about the sour fish which was bought for her by the researcher this morning., Die Konsultantin erzählt ihrem Gast von dem sauren Fisch, den der Forscher heute morgen für sie gekauft hatte., Информантка рассказывает гостю об испорченной рыбе, которую ей сегодня купил исследователь.
The consultant tells a funny story from her childhood.


Nina Semënovna Šaršina, Нина Семёновна Шаршина, Scheller, Elisabeth, Елена Карвовская;Лена,Leiden;Vōlen'k,Во̄ленҍк, Михаэль Рисслер;Mēhkal,Ме̄һкал;Myšš'k,Мышшьк;Micha, Elena Karvovskaja, Елена Карвовская;Лена;Vōlen'k,Во̄ленҍк, Rießler, Michael, and Элизабет Шеллер;Elli (2005 - 2009). Item "Narrative" in collection "Kola Saami Documentation Project". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2024-06-15)

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