We started on the highway near Spice Creek collecting bush tea (pujtilip). Then we went to the other side of the highway looking for 'tirnung' which is the sap of bloodwood 'jartpurru' tree. We couldn't find any. We headed back to Kalkaringi and got some 'lawa' and 'yirrijkaji' from the side of the highway near the first bridge. Afterwards we got some firewood from the side of the Daguragu road in two places.
Gurindji dictionary Contributors: Ronnie Wavehill Dandy Danbarrayi Mick Rangiari Violet Donald Biddy Wavehill Topsy Dodd Peanut Pontiari Ida Malyika Compiled between 1975-2008 by: Patrick McConvell Norm and Helen McNair Erika Charola Felicity Meakins Lauren Campbell approx. 4000 entries


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