MPI für Bildungsforschung

- Early Childhood Socialization within the Family (ECSF) / Frühkindliche Sozialisation in der Familie (FSF) - (cf. Kreppner, K. (1989). The interplay between individual and family development: Some results from a 7-year longitudinal study. In M. A. Luszcz & T. Nettelbeck (Eds.), Psychological development. Perspectives across the life-span (pp. 25-36). Amsterdam: North Holland.) In a longitudinal appoach (1978-1983), sixteen families from the former West Berlin and with different social background were observed monthly in their everyday interactions in their homes for a two year period after the arrival of a second child. This child's individual developmental process and the...
- Transition to Adolescence in the Family (TAF) / Von der Kindheit zur Jugend in der Familie (KJF) - The following study investigates how existing relationships between parents and child are newly arranged. Especially a differentiated view on communication habits during the period of change is in the focus of the study. A longterm investigation observed families from the former West Berlin with two children for three and a half years, whereby the older child just experienced the transition from childhood to adolescence. Within this period of time, systematic courses in the development of communication behaviors between parents and both children could be seen.


Kurt Kreppner, Yvonne Schütze, and Sibylle Paulsen. (1979 - 1994). Collection "MPI für Bildungsforschung". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2022-07-03)

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