Leiden Archives


Willem F.H. Adelaar, dr. Berend Hoff, Anette Veerman-Leichsenring, Dr. Eithne Carlin, Roland Hemmauer, Mrs. Frauke Caspar, Franz Caspar, Grażyna Jadwiga Rowicka, Nathalie van Lierop, Jojan van Zantwijk, Emil Heinrich Snethlage, Hélène Brijnen, Wendelmoet Hamelink, Rotger M. Snethlage, Aryon dall'Igna Rodrigues, Dr. Ary Figueiro, Erszebet Szekely, Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde, Paul Rivet, Peter Keckeis, and Tibor Sekelj (1898 - 2021). Collection "Leiden Archives". The Language Archive. https://hdl.handle.net/1839/557abaa3-5926-41bd-8f6b-a3138820891c. (Accessed 2024-04-14)

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