Picture and video descriptions

Carmel O'Shanessy designed these picture storybooks. 'Three picture books - The monster story, The Bush Coconut story, The Hunting Story - are designed to elicit overt transitive subject nominals, so that there is the opportunity for ergative case-marking to be applied to the nouns. One is designed to elicit locatives - The Bike Story. The other picture books are general in theme with no particular structural aim' (C. O'S's Website).


Dorothea Hoffmann, Eva Schultze-Berndt, and Candide Simard. (1996 - 2012). Item "Picture and video descriptions" in collection "Jaminjungan and Eastern Ngumpin". The Language Archive. https://hdl.handle.net/1839/00-0000-0000-0008-6848-0. (Accessed 2023-03-23)

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