04 Elicitation

This node contains sessions in which information is elicited about aspects of the grammar of Yurakaré. There are 6 specific areas of interest , and 1 node containing miscellaneous grammatical topics., Este nudo contiene sesiones con información sobre aspectos de la gramática del yurakaré. Hay 6 áreas de interés específico, y un nudo con temas gramaticales diversos.
The sessions below this node focus on acquiring information about the meaning of specific words in Yurakaré. There are two types of elicitation methods: 1. the investigator mentions a Yurakaré word to the speaker(s), and together they try to find the meaning(s) of that word; 2. the speaker is presented with a stimulus, and s/he looks for the appropriate word to match the stimulus. Note that knowledge about specific cultural or environmental aspects of the Yurakaré society (including words) are found under the node “local knowledge”., Las sesiones bajo este nudo se dirigen a obtener información detallada sobre la significación y el uso de palabras yurakaré. Se usó para conseguir información...
In the sessions below this node a speaker is presented with a story in drawings. After reading through it with the investigator, the speaker is asked to recount the story to another speaker, who does not know the story., En las sesiones bajo este nudo se presenta al hablante una historia dibujada.. Después de leer la historia con el investigador, se pregunta al hablante de volver a contar la historia a otra persona, que no conoce la historia.


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