Cycle 14

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In the beginning of the session, LDCh3 is holding a ball and her brother is holding a book sitting on the bed of their veranda. RM, our language consultant, talks a lot with LDCh3. PNR and LDCh3 play ball rolling by sitting on the bed. Her elder sister SAMJ helps them play. In the end of the session, LDCh3 turns very happy and dances.
This session is recorded on the veranda of LDCh3's home. Our language consultant RM asks LDCh3 a lot of things about her study. It has been recorded in a quite natural setting. The noise of insects and ducks can also be heard. When IR suggests to read a book, LDCh3 opens the book and says the name of the pictures in Chintang. Around 14:00, her mother asks LDCh3 the names of the pictures.