Cultural Data

Sessions related to (traditional) material culture. -- House-building ("030_new_house", "constr_house", "house_118", "house_132", "house_186", "buriti-leafs", "house_burning") -- Buriti-Hammock ("hammock"), -- Buriti-Mat ("esteira"), -- Wooden stool ("stool", more is needed), -- Basket ("making_basket", more is needed), -- Red colour ("urukum", more is needed, other colours), -- Wax ("wax", more is needed)
Sessions highlighting items and prectices that emerged through the contact with the outer, especially the 'white' culture. -- Presents ("distr_presents", "presents-05"), -- The FUNAI post ("posto_leonardo"), -- Electricity ("radio_set", "solar_kits", "worldcup_TV", "ling_work04"), -- Soccer ("soccer_DFB", "soccer2", "worldcup_TV"), -- Visitors and their belongings, linguistic work (meta-documentation): ("guest_house01", "guest_house03", "guest_house04", "ling_work04", "mko_hammock", "mko_083_sham", "neto_waura")...
Several sessions with everyday scenes. Some sessions have an almost complete set of portraits: "family_house", "people_port", "tsal_portait", "pers04", "children05", "teacher", "field_04", "in-house-05" Some sesions show a general round view of the village in all years of the DOBES project: "village_scene01", "village_scene02", "village_scene03", "village_scene04", "village_scene05" Other pictures of the village at special meteorological events: "vortex", "sunset", "thunderstorm" Pictures from prepairing the fields/gardens or a way...
Production and preparation of different kinds of food. Manioc ("manioc"), Corn ("corn", "corn_harvest", "corn-center"), Fish ("fishing_086", "fishing_trip", "makaw04"), Salt ("salt_trip", "salt", "manioc"), Pequi (only fetching stored pequi: "pequi04", more is needed), Honey (wild honey: "makaw04", nothing yet on cultivation), Pepper (only collecting pepper: "pepper", more is needed), Fruits ("buriti-trip", "rain-fruits", more is needed)


Sebastian Drude, SX, 017, Sabine Reiter, and ABN (2001 - 2005). Item "Cultural Data" in collection "Awetí". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2024-04-22)

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