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KG of Wimsa talking to the people about ID’s, birth certificates, etc. No sound the first 8:31 minutes, after that sound very soft.
Questions and Responses in =Akhoe Hai//om
This session contains the audio and video files of the examples used in the article Questions and Responses in =Akhoe Hai//om by Gertie Hoymann. Published in 2010 in The Journal of Pragmatics 42: 2726-2740. Abstract This paper examines =Ākhoe Hai//om, a Khoe language of the Khoisan family spoken in Northern Namibia. I document the way questions are posed in natural conversation, the actions the questions are used for and the manner in which they are responded to. I show that in this language speakers rely most heavily on content questions. I also find that speakers of =Ākhoe Hai//om address fewer questions to a specific individual than would be expected from prior research on Indo European languages. Finally, I discuss some possible explanations for these findings.
0.00 Thomas shows Abakup his book 2.30 arrival of Ou !Haeb 3.30 arrival of Meme Victoria, school bell (comment on kids leaving) 4.50 sharing out of tabacco conversation on condition of Polopolo road 21.44 camera changes perspective reading lessons Victoria, Chris, Gertie (sound very bad) 30.00 Haiseb? joins in
ǀKhomxa Khoeda Junior Primary School Concert 00-12 “behind the scenes” 12-14 speech by GW, sound bad, wind, engine. 1.28-and on, “traditional” Haiǁom dances 1.42 the end
Men move a house and rebuild it a lot of simultaneous conversation and music wide angle lens
Old people at CH's place telling folk stories around the fire at night. The immediate trigger was CR's request to tell him some stories.
sound not very clear 0.00 introducing Gertie and Christian Conversation between Thomas, Haiseb and 2 more men 25.00 Thomas retreats Conversation about places, much pointing, interaction with child 35.00 arrival of Perdekop 35.00-36.00 greetings 42.20 leave-taking of Perdekop 48.00 arrival of Owambo lady, code switching: Hai//om – Oshiwambo – English – Afrikaans 56.00 conversation about greeting
Elicitation session plants from book with Ms and XX, big audience
The boys have ben to Ombili, which may influence their repertoire.
Akhoe Word List
The following document is an =Akhoe Hai//om word list. It is based on Tertu Heikkinen’s wordlist. Adapted by Thomas Widlok, Christian Rapold and Gertie Hoymann. Expanded by Gertie Hoymann Work in Progress March 2010
wide angle lens Women in yard in conversation 2.30 start coming and going of family members, lots of pointing, Ga speaks clearly 5.20 – 8.00 sharing out of tabacco 33.00 Ga turns and focuses attention on people out of shot 37.00 Ga leaves in shot: lady doing the dishes, all conversation takes place out of shot 39.00 most people leave to see some sight 43.00 – 43.30 shouted conversation with person far away out of shot 43.30 Ga returns, talks with TW 50.55 camera crew leaves to film building of house
Men playing dice game II 4 players, massive audience 6.00 scene moves to shade tree, no sound till 10.00 10.40 ± 7 young men play clapping game, big audience 22.45 explaining game to TW 25.20 end of games 27.00 – 46.25 kids drawing in sand 46.25 shots of the surroundings 52.00 showing camera to audience
Ousie Maria tells a story of the beginning of the world camera too close to see complete gestures 2nd hour: Ousie Maria continues her story camera still too close to see complete gestures 12 it starts getting dark, visibility gets progressively poorer 20 night vision switched on, visibility still poor 26.00 story telling finishes, handing over of tobacco, beads and hat, leave taking