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KG of Wimsa talking to the people about ID’s, birth certificates, etc. No sound the first 8:31 minutes, after that sound very soft.
0.00 Thomas shows Abakup his book 2.30 arrival of Ou !Haeb 3.30 arrival of Meme Victoria, school bell (comment on kids leaving) 4.50 sharing out of tabacco conversation on condition of Polopolo road 21.44 camera changes perspective reading lessons Victoria, Chris, Gertie (sound very bad) 30.00 Haiseb? joins in
Digital version of a typed document containing an alphabetic list of words elicited by Tertu Heikkinen with speakers in Owamboland.
Mr in conversation with KL and Le (Nama speakers) of Wimsa. She tells about her tattoos and her men and children. Sound very good. 23:55 minutes
Haiseb stories recorded by Tertu Heikkinen.