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KG of Wimsa talking to the people about ID’s, birth certificates, etc. No sound the first 8:31 minutes, after that sound very soft.
Tone data elicited from CH.
Distribution of clothes donated by overseas friends of the new headmaster In to people of Farm Six. Li and Ma assist the headmaster in it.
Two subjects were asked to watch the staged events movie clips on a laptop and one person was asked to describe what he saw to the other. MPI Tasks Staged Events 00-26 AN and FE, bad light, hardly any interaction.
ǀKhomxa Khoeda Junior Primary School, grade one teacher Mi teaches Khoekhoe, cardinal directions.
7 young men playing clapping game, big audience, lots of surrounding noise 10.20 – 12.00 explaining game to TW 12.00 game over 22.00 playing dominos 40.00 more background noise due to fooling around with other camera 45.55 change of camera perspective: people watching themselves in camera
Lego task Instruction: one person has the instructions for a Lego car, this person has to verbally instruct the other person how to build it. A big meddlesome audience is present. 00:00 – 39:10 Si and DV 17:00 “barrier” is removed Task ends and “communal play” starts.
0.00 Thomas shows Abakup his book 2.30 arrival of Ou !Haeb 3.30 arrival of Meme Victoria, school bell (comment on kids leaving) 4.50 sharing out of tabacco conversation on condition of Polopolo road 21.44 camera changes perspective reading lessons Victoria, Chris, Gertie (sound very bad) 30.00 Haiseb? joins in
Tone data elicited from Ga.
Gamekha and others beading 2.00-3.00 baby crying next to mic continuous whistling, talking, shouting out of shot, also kids and dice game frequent loud conversations with people out of shot, conversations among beaders very soft and rare kids plaiting a man’s hair in the background 37.00-41.00 kid giggling under mic 43.00-45.00 passing baby from young girl to mother? conflict with girl 46.00-52.00 young boy playing dice game by himself in foreground 2nd hour: participants focus on beads, hardly any eye contact during conversation 6.00 participants partake in meal in background 10.00 !Gamekha and others move back to foreground with a crying baby 12.45-13.20 !Gamekha ‘sings’ to calm crying baby !Gamekha talks a lot and clearly, replies are unclear or out of shot 20.35 !Gamekha impersonates something, HUGE gesture 21.00-25.00 reasonably clear piece of conversation between !Gamekha and young woman, though strong wind 24.00-24.45 washing hands 30.00 conversation between 4-6 people, difficult to see who is talking 38.00 better view of participants 47.00 public/noise increases once again, chopping of wood, whistling, children and radio 3rd hour: beading and radio are shown off to the camera 10.00-12.15 passing baby from one woman to another and ensuing conversation (not very audible) 13.00-15.00 conversation with approaching woman, very clear 15.00 arrival of radio many backs blocking view 34.00-48.40 woman combing man’s hair and plaiting it 51.00 sun setting and blinding camera 55.00 !Gamekha sings and claps 4th hour: !Gamekha in conversation, reactions very silent (and out of shot), men playing dice very loudly out of shot