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Elicitation session plants from book with Ms and XX, big audience
Deutsche Welle Radio (NBC, Namibian Broadcasting Company), Am Runden Tisch mit Fabian Rafael. Interview mit Thomas Widlok, Gertie Hoymann.
Same as Gas_yardA: close up of Ga 37.00 Ga leaves 39.50 she returns and leaves again 41.00 no more people in shot 43.00 lady doing dishes 43.25 Ga returns 43.40 focus on Ga 50.00 leaving to record house building
wide angle lens Women in yard in conversation 2.30 start coming and going of family members, lots of pointing, Ga speaks clearly 5.20 – 8.00 sharing out of tabacco 33.00 Ga turns and focuses attention on people out of shot 37.00 Ga leaves in shot: lady doing the dishes, all conversation takes place out of shot 39.00 most people leave to see some sight 43.00 – 43.30 shouted conversation with person far away out of shot 43.30 Ga returns, talks with TW 50.55 camera crew leaves to film building of house
Showing Ms and XX photo’s of RA's artifacts (elicitation) 0.00 Interaction between Ms and her child 5.00 start of elicitation by TW and CR, large audience (reasonably quiet) 31.40 most of the audience has left, tobacco session, 4 women, 2 kids 38.00 continuing elicitation, lots of noisy kids 52.30 end of elicitation ends with “nursing session”
3 men playing dice game I counting in Afrikaans and English, speach is loud, but lots of “ah” shouting 7.00 arrival of Perdekop and departure slight disagreement over scores very aware of camera conversations with person out of shot 22.00 arrival of new man 31.40 arrival of new man 37.00 TW ask questions, joins in 41.00 new game is taken up in background audience (kids) start gathering, much background noise 45.00 explaining the game to TW