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Minimal pairs elicited with speakers resident at Farm 6.
Distribution of clothes donated by overseas friends of the new headmaster In to people of Farm Six. Li and Ma assist the headmaster in it.
ǀKhomxa Khoeda Junior Primary School, grade one teacher Mi teaches Khoekhoe, cardinal directions.
ǀKhomxa Khoeda Junior Primary School Concert 00-12 “behind the scenes” 12-14 speech by GW, sound bad, wind, engine. 1.28-and on, “traditional” Haiǁom dances 1.42 the end
EN giving a demonstration of his keyboard/synthesizer music. Towards the end light gets bad to total darkness.
Young peoples' "club" at Farm Six, performing songs accompanied by self made music instruments.
Men move a house and rebuild it a lot of simultaneous conversation and music wide angle lens
ǀKhomxa Khoeda Junior Primary School Grade 3 and 4 Teacher Li reads stories from Tertu Heikkinens book ǀamǁî ǂxanirosi ǂakhoekhomsisa. Li clearly audible, children less so. Li gives english translations and explanations in between readings.
ǀKhomxa Khoeda Junior Primary School Mr and Miss ǀKhomxa Khoeda Competition Fashion show, body building, traditional dancing.
ǀKhomxa Khoeda Junior Primary School, grade one 3rd hour: maths lesson with ND 31 singing a song, prayer, break time 34 end of break time 42 singing 44 English lesson
Shots of football and choir practice.