Legends (closed)

How the people got access to spring water.
Gii is a boy who does everything wrong
Two sisters are married to Bukimeasun, a fisherman. They are treated badly by their mother-in-law and kill themselves by jumping into a huge clamshell. Bukimeasun turns into a stone.
legend while two boys go fishing, their grandmother is treated badly by a monster coming from the mountains; the boys ambush the monster and kill it.
a boy with only one leg is persuaded by his friend, a goanna, to go fishing. As he cannot walk, the goanna gets him the leg of his grandmother
An old monster woman pretending to help a young mother to babysit eats the baby.
An old woman catches the thief of her firewood. She forces him to stay with her, but later he escapes with the help of other men. They tell her that he was killed. When searching for the body, she drowns in a river.
People find a galip nut dropped by a bird. When a young man searches for the galip nut tree, he meets an ugly old woman. He treats her with respect ans she rewards him by helping him to find the tree and get a beautiful wife. When his brother also wants to find a beautiful wife and meets this ugly old woman, he does not treat her with respect. Therefor he gets this ugly old woman as his wife.
Legend of a giant. He makes nose jewellery (avuin). Children play a trick on him and rob the avuin
Legend of a couple who is invited to a piuvu dance.The man does tell his wife to stay at home, but she follows him. At the dance he does not recognise her and picks her as his partner.
A giant steals galip nuts, he eats too much and dies.
A maurata girl (girl having her first menstruation) stays by herself on a ruhu-tree. A giant watches the mother bringing her food. One day he comes earlier than the mother and kills and eats the girl. The villagers search for him and kill him.
Legend; a pig is devastating a village. The villagers flee in their canoes to an island and leave a pregnant woman behind. She flees into a cave where she gives birth and stays with the child. When the child is grown up, he kills the pig and the villagers can return to their place.
Children want to get fire from an old woman who has long, sharp fingernails. She kills one child after the other, until the children´s friend Sitaegoraa plays a trick on her and kills her. Ants bite the children and they come to life again.
A woman gives birth to five little fish and hides them in the mangroves. She secretly goes there to feed them. Her husband gets suspicious and discovers the fish. He catches two of them and gives them his wife to eat. When she realises what he had done, she tells the remaining three fish to escape intp the deep sea.
Legend; two brothers go fishing, every day the older brother leaves the younger brother with some excuse, puts off his head and dives. One day the younger brother watches him. While he is diving, he takes his head and buries it. Later a coconut grows from the head.
e rosuu vai to biso roho tea masi - legend of a giant A couple of giants living in the mountains do not know the sea. One day they go down to the coast at low tide. They plant bananas on the dry reef and return. The next day they discover that the banana plants have been destroyed. They plant another garden and hide nearby to find out who destroys their banana plants again, and realise that it is the incoming tide.
Legend; hurricane and monkey quarrel, hurricane throws monkey off the tree where he is perching
legend: Taguone (clay lump) A lump of red clay, Taguone, that is stored in a pot by a childless couple for making dye develops into a baby and then becomes a beautiful girl. When she is brought into the household of her in-laws, they are told that Taguone must not touch water. Her mother-in-law is, however, negligent. She takes her fishing on the reef at low tide. When the tide comes in, first her feet and then with the rising tide her body gets wet and dissolves.
Children steal a giant´s breadfruits. The giant tries to catch the children. But the children throw breadfruits into his face so that he cannot see and they escape.


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