Moroccan Arabic

These frog stories in Moroccan Arabic dialects were collected around 1993 by Abder El Aissati (AEA) among pupils of schools in Nijmegen, The Netherlands and in the Moroccan cities of Csablanca, Tangier and Oujda. The recordings were made for his PhD thesis on language loss among Moroccan children in the Netherlands. Age is an estimate by Louis Boumans. (NB: date of recording needs to be checked) In the keys, birth year and parent's origin are indicated. Dissertation project. Refs. El Aissati, Abderrahman (1996). Language Loss among native Speakers of Moroccan Arabic in the Netherlands. Nijmegen: University of Nijmegen, Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation. El Aissati, Abderrahman. (1997...
This corpus was collected by J. Nortier with assistance of Y. Azghari in 1991 and 1992. The data served as the basis of a PhD dissertation by L. Boumans (1998). More project information is included in the session files.
In a longitudinal study on bilingual child language acquisition, Rooselaar followed four Moroccan girls in the Netherlands from approximately age 2;0 to age 3;0. The target language was either Moroccan Arabic or Dutch. Most recordings concern spontaneous speech; part is labeled as 'experimental'. Two of the girls were recorded in a day-care centre where much Dutch is spoken with the caretakers and other children. The two other girls were recorded at home with their family members. The recordings were made in the framework of a PhD thesis project, but this project was aborted after the data collection stage. Metadata on most recordings are rather extensive; partial transcripts...


Petra Bos, Tjits Rooselaar, Hayat El Koun, Khadija Latifi, Jeroen Aarssen, Louis Boumans, Abdelfettah, Khadija Akechtabou, Najia Maqdache, Abderrahman El Aissati, Abderrahim Gadri, Hafida, Jacomine Nortier, Samira, Halima, Maaike, Samir Hamadi, Mustapha Lkoundi, Judith Hoogmoed, Culture, Enface, and Maryam. (1986 - 1994). Item "Moroccan Arabic" in collection "DBD". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2022-08-13)

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