This corpus contains texts which are partly or wholly in Moroccan Arabic and which were collected for the purpose of bilingualism research in the Netherlands.
Recordings of Sarnami-Dutch, Sranan-Dutch and Turkish-Dutch billingual children as well as monolingual Dutch children living in the Netherlands. Children are in prefinal or final form of primary school. Recordings took place between 1984-1986. Main researcher of the project was Dorian de Haan. She interviewed and recorded many of the children.


Petra Bos, E-rramdani, Marianne Gullberg, Peter Indefrey, Tjits Rooselaar, Hayat El Koun, Dorian de Haan, Khadija Latifi, Jeroen Aarssen, Louis Boumans, Abderrahman El Aissati, Abdelfettah, Khadija Akechtabou, Najia Maqdache, Abderrahim Gadri, Hafida, Jacomine Nortier, Gaitrie Ramnandanlal, Samira, Halima, Maaike, Samir Hamadi, De Ruiter, Kurvers, Mustapha Lkoundi, Judith Hoogmoed, Hester Dibbits, Nadia Eversteijn, Culture, Dibbits, Enface, Marie van Dijk, and Maryam. (1984 - 2003). Collection "DBD". The Language Archive. https://hdl.handle.net/1839/00-0000-0000-0001-4AF0-7. (Accessed 2022-12-04)

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