This is a corpus of four European sign language. It contains linguistically annotated video files of Sign Language of the Netherlands (Nederlandse Gebarentaal), British Sign Language, and Swedish Sign Language; data include narratives, dialogues, small lexicons, and poetry. In addition, parts of a corpus of German Sign Language (Deutsche Gebärdensprache) is included that was already published on paper before.


Barbara Cassin, Wim Emmerik, Annika Nonhebel, Els van der Kooij, Johanna Mesch, Annemieke van Kampen, Onno Crasborn, Rachel Sutton-Spence, Rachel Sutton-Spence / Dafydd Waters, Anja Hiddinga, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Dafydd Waters, and Leendert Pot (2003 - 2005). Collection "ECHO". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2024-05-19)

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