This node includes varying types of material dealing with different grammatical aspects. Accordingly, among others one finds sessions containing elicited adjectives, question markers in diverse expressions, and morphological and phonological material discussing corresponding problems. Furthermore, people interested in spatial categorization can find sessions concerning directional and positional expressions.
In this part you will find a collection of various phrases. There are useful phrases, commands, and questions provided here, so that the reader may learn sentences to use in every day conversation. You will also find a selection of metaphores based on bodyparts and animal denotations.
Names for places in the Beaver territory are collected together with explanations of how a certain place got its name.
This part of the archive contains paradigms of different verbs. They have been elicited mainly to get enough different forms for deeper analysis.
The main part of the elicited Beaver material can be found under this node. The sessions collected here contain elicited words, and are mostly arranged semantically, so that you find sessions dealing with animals, household items, body parts etc. Accordingly, in a body part session the reader finds body part nouns as well as related verbs (e.g. "to brush your teeth") and phrases (e.g. "I have a headache.").