This part of the archive provides a deeper insight into individual and shared experiences and events the First Nation people have undergone. Accordingly, you can find sessions dealing with traditional burial costumes, medicine and activities like the "tea dance". Furthermore, sessions discussing the history of the Beaver people, diverse ethnonyms, and language policy as well as biographical stories are collected under this node.
Many stories about culturally important places were collected.
This node contains stories which mostly offer an insight into the traditional concept of daily life of this First Nation people. Accordingly, the reader can listen to many fables dealing with life in the area, and to stories about Ghutsahgeeze or Yamaadzuyadzi, a prominent character who travelled the world and experienced many adventures. Furthermore, narratives about animals that explain how they came to be the way they are today, but also about natural forces or life in the community. Some of the stories were told to educate, others to enterain and provoke laughter.