Beaver Archive

For users unfamiliar with the archive the orthography and conventions used by the project are explained here, the question of access rights is addressed and a bibliography with other resources on the Beaver language is provided.
Teaching material that was created by the Dobes-Team in order to be used by the community for language programms and homepages that have been created to supply a better user-interface and a more attractive display of the data collected.
The data collected by the team includes linguistic and non-linguistic data.
Based on the collected data, studies on different topics have been undertaken. These can be accessed here.


Gabriele Mueller, Dagmar Jung, Olga Charlotte Müller, Julia Colleen Miller, Kate Hennessy, Patrick Moore, Pat Moore, Gabriele Schwiertz, and Amber Ridington. (2004 - 2009). Collection "Beaver Archive". The Language Archive. (Accessed 2022-12-09)

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