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Anecdote mermaid
KM describes how she saw a mermaid, when she was a child.
Explanation about animals that are culturally important.
Recorded for Kalkaringi Community Education Centre (primary and middle school) Gurindji program organised by DAC (Diwurruwurru-jaru Aboriginal Corporation). A boy shares a humpy with his granny. She doesn't let him sleep properly, telling him to move over all the time and leave more room for her. The same thing happens night after night. One day he decides to kill her. He leaves the humpy in the evening, covers himself in white ochre and bursts in on her. She thinks he is a devildevil and dies of fright.
These clips were designed by researcher DH herself to elicit boundary crossing events in motion descriptions. It is an animated ppt presentation consisting of 10 different slides: 1) The car went out of the fence/door 2) The car into the fence/door 3) The girl walked into the fence/door 4) The girl walked out of the fence/door 5) The kangaroo jumped out of the fence/door
The speaker was facing seawards
Attempt at eliciting talk about “mad” actions, talking about retarded boy; spontaneous discourse related to fishing.
plants used as medicine, how to manipulate the plants to make them useful
Support statement for ESB by DB in Jaminjung.
The speaker is facing seawards.
The different meals are elicited in this session. The consultant is also talking about food (e.g. about making sausage).
DG tells Sinelugu Damaya story