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Sam tells a heartfelt story about his mother in the Wartha Thuntai field methods course. He offered this story as one that the class was to work on together in transcribing and translating. This was recorded using an AKG C520 head-mounted microphone with a Zoom H4N, so the audio is very clean. Keywords: Narrative; Family; Storyman
Word List: SNG Comparative List
This word list was developed for the use of two linked projects on languages of Southern New Guinea: (a) ARC project on languages of Southern New Guinea (2011-2015) (b) DoBeS project on Nen-Tonda languages (mid-2011 - mid-2014) Lexical items were carefully selected for Southern New Guinea- wide comparison. Justicifation for each lexical item has been included in the spreadsheet, as well as transcription of the collected tokens in the targeted languages under study. Keywords: Elicitiation; SNG wordlist
Audio recordings of stories (mostly secular, sometimes comic/bawdy) in numerous dialects/languages from two language groups in the Morehead District, Western Province, Papua New Guinea. Recorded by Mary Ayres, Ph.D. during doctoral research conducted in 1979 - 1981. Translations (but not transcriptions) into English provided by local informants who were native speakers of the dialect.
Wartha Thuntai Field Methods Notebooks
Scanned collaborative notebooks of the students of Nick Evans for his field methods course on the Wartha Thuntai. The course was taught at the Australian National University in 2012. Language consultant was Sembara (Sam) Debara.