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tao kaukau sweet-potatoes baked under hot stones
The fisherman Bukimeasun is a man-eater with the head and body of a human and the tail of a snake. A woman, Ririgono, falls in love with him and helps Bukimeasun to get rid of his tail and change into a person.
Legend: Teo Boo
Kobaa bo Kahi Crab and dog make a swimming contest. Whenever Dog reaches the goal, Crab is already there
Gii is a boy who does everything wrong
Hoages Upee ceremony
An old monster woman pretending to help a young mother to babysit eats the baby.
Vaasin taono There was a stone which had the shape of a copulating couple. In the night naked women used to go there and hug the stone. The next day the stone crawled doown to the sea to wash off the "bad thing" of the women, which killed the fish.
Christian story for children. On a school excursion by boat a student misbehaves, he falls into the water and is rescued when he prays and regrets his behaviour.
Legend; two brothers go fishing, every day the older brother leaves the younger brother with some excuse, puts off his head and dives. One day the younger brother watches him. While he is diving, he takes his head and buries it. Later a coconut grows from the head.
the bridge
canoe carving kepo, koro sinivi
legend while two boys go fishing, their grandmother is treated badly by a monster coming from the mountains; the boys ambush the monster and kill it.
During the Second World War a young man is treated very badly by his fellows. Simon Rigamo rescued him. (four other people present)
his life as a teacher and a pastor, life in Taonita, language of Taonita, Bible school in Taonita, their stay at Kekesu, first missionaries, Second World war
Gii, a stupid boy, does not listen to his mother and does everything wrong.
Two sisters are married to Bukimeasun, a fisherman. When the mother-in-law treats them badly, they run away and jump from a poosusu tree into a clamshell, which spits out their blood onto a poosusu tree. Today this tree still has red leaves.