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Christmas Church Service at Kharang Kong
One recording in which the people of Kharang Kong are seen attending Christmas Church Service This consists of a single video file that runs from 18’14” to 29’02” in the Video Cassette numbered ASSMVDP24DEC0901 - 1441 The details of the video file are as follows: (Timing on the cassette are in parentheses) Start Time: 18’14”, End Time: 29’02”; Duration 10'48" Christmas Church service at Kharang Kong Presbyterian Church; 20’39”(8'23") reading and prayer in Mossang from Rongnyaq Mossang (incomplete) 22’17”(6'43") prayer in Sangwal from Railung Sangwal (Evangalist) (incomplete) 23’37”(6'25") words from Nongtang, short section of sermon from Pastor Pusam Rekhung; 25’14”(3'48") special song from girl’s group (language?); 27’19”(2'43") more words from Nongtang and special song in Hindi from several men; 28’22”(0'38") Lord’s prayer in Assamese; 28’52”(0'10") final scenes.
Swemye – Wihu Song
One recording in which Swemye Sangwal sings Wihu Song. This consists of the following video file: SDM27-20100111-0_SM_SwemyeSong.mpeg (This recording runs from 58’48” to 1.04’09” in the video cassette numbered ASSMVDP05JAN1001 - 1446) The details of this recording are as follows: SDM27-20100111-0_SM_SwemyeSong.mpeg; Duration 5'21"; Wihu song. This was sung the previous night at a house opening.