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Loekyam Cholim – Wakrap Saikrong song – song about crossing the river
Two recordings in which Lukam Tonglum sings Wakrap Saikrong song – song about crossing the river . These consist of the following two media files: SDM12-20100110-01_SM_T_WakrapSaikongSong.wav And one video file SDM12-20100108-01_SM_Lukam_WakrapSaikongSong.mpeg This recording runs from 50'11" to 53'00" of Video Cassette – ASSMVDP05JAN1001 - 1446 The details of these recordings are as follows: SDM12-20100110-01_SM_T_WakrapSaikongSong.wav :Duration 9’13”:The Cholim version of the song about crossing the Wakrap Saikong river and the explanation of its meaning, with some portions of the text pronounced. This incident, where the Naga people are transported across the river on a tiger’s tail, is first mentioned in SDM12-20091226-02_SM_T_History at about 9’48”. The video version of this song is at SDM12-20100108-01_SM_Lukam_WakrapSaikongSong.mpeg :Duration Start time 50’11”_End time 53’00”:Songs in Cholim and Longchang relating to the crossing of the Wakrap and Saikong rivers, which are very deep, described in SDM12-20091226_SM_T_History.wav around 9’48” (silence until 50’15”). This recording has a very high level of machine noise from the camera.