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The speaker was facing seawards
Set of drawings with four different people and nine different items either bought in a store, or collected for eating. First game: matching two people with two objects, asking "Who got what?" (four times in different combinations) Second game: asking informant to give one item to each of the four people, then asking "Who got X?" for each item, and "What did X get?" for each person Third game: matching old man and young man, then setting up the context of a grandfather sending his grandchild to the shop/market/garden to get X. The grandchild however returns with Y. Then asking the informant "What is the grandfather going to say to his grandchild when he brings Y instead of X?" (Second round with grandmother and -daughter)
A set of video clips with scenes of food preparation. Occasionally a black screen appears and one or more questions are asked about the preceding video part.