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It is the interview with Chambak kancha (Ban Bir Tuprihang). He talked about the several aspects of Chintang. He talked about the clan development, Jalpa devi, priests of Jalpa devi, types of Chambak, etc.
This session contains the morning activities of child2, LDCh2. Her mother washes LDCh2's face from water in a bowl, and girl in red dries it off. Then she gives the mother a bottle; the mother puts some on her hands and smoothes it on LDCh2's head. She combs LDCh2's hair. Her mother gives LDCh2 a small bottle, then fills it with water. LDCh2 plays with the cap while her mother talks. LDCh2 breastfeeds. The mother walks offscreen and LDCh2 messes with her clothing. RAJK gives LDCh2 some beans in a bowl. LDCh2 pokes at them, stirs them, and hits the bowl repeatedly with the spoon. She eats the beans slowly using both her hand and the spoon. The mother sets her on a mat. Older girl in white fights playfully with a woman in pink. LDCh2 gets up holding the bowl and walks to her mother. She eats while standing next to her mother. Her mother talks to her. Some kind of broadcast or recording plays. LDCh2 sits in her mother’s lap. She finishes the beans and her mother gives her a gourd to drink from. Older girl in white brings a round wooden object like a small table or stool; the mother tries to set LDCh2 in it, but she struggles.
LDCh3, Rankana and DKR play in a heap of dry straw. LDCh3 tries to carry her. LDCh3, RANJ and DKR play local Chintang and Nepali rhyming games. In this session, children play 3 rhyming games: cɨkcɨk keŋ keŋ, okkucukbakkucuk, lemmli hoi hoi. The session is very interesting though no adult is present.
LDCh2 plays with a radio.
Rikhi and Janak both talk about their activities of those days, especially about their visit to the movie hall in Dhankuta
LDCh3 and PNR play with a ball and a bat. They play with Ritha. LDCh3's mother, LK and the kids mostly talk about lice.
Rikhi asks Janak about her activities of these days. Janak says she is not enganged in any type of special work except her households. Thus the whole talk is concentrated on the family matters.
The session was recorded in the evening in the veranda of Khem's home. In the beginning of the session, he takes broom. He plays with it. He plays with bamboo basket. Khem and his sibling clean maizes removing the wraps/leaves. Later Man Kumari, our local consultant also help them. Khem talks a lot with Man Kumari. He plays with her. Khem sweeps floor of the varanda. Around 00:21 he takes thin firewoods and plays with them. I (Goma) give him toffis, he eats and distributes others. Around 0:43, Som takes his book out and Khem joins with him. Around 0:46, Khem chases chicken using broom. Between 0:48 and 0:49, Khem takes a chilli and Man Kumari talks with Khem about the chilli. After 0:50 Khems elder sibling take book and they sing Nepali rhyme. Khem joins them. He plays with a book when his elder brother Som writes his lession. At 55:56, he plays with a slipper. In this session, Total utterances =1550 Total utterances spoken by Khem = 516 Total utterances ( - COMM) spoken by Khem = 516 -134= 382 Total utterances spoken by others in the presence of Khem =1550-516 = 1034 Adult to adult utterances (AA) =34
This text is about the various matters of Chintang. It deals mainly about the history of ginger cultivation in Chintang. Krishna Maya Rai also talks about the migration trend of Chintang and compares the current Chintang with the past. She also talks about Jalpa Devi temple in brief and about her childhood as well.
LDCh1 and Ram walk here and there. They hit oranges with stones. There is interaction among LK, LDCh1 and Ram. At the end of the session, LDCh1 and Ram jump down into the field. Two adults - LK and LDCh1's mother RAJK - talk about selling oranges. LDCh1 and his brother are playing behind the house until it gets really boring and LDCh1 walks off to a small field. He plays with sticks and spends most of his time looking for something to do.
The conversation is not in only one topic. Kalpana interacts with her mother very nicely. In this session, Total utterances =221 Total utterances spoken by Kalpana = 85 Total utterances (-COMM) spoken by Kalpana = 85 -22 =63 Other's utterances spoken with Kalpana = 221-85=13 Note: The utterances that are not related to Kalpana are not transcribed in this session.
Man Kumar and Bisal (Kuluke play with earthballs as marbles. man Kumar and Kuluke play ploughing with real plough. Man Kumar digs something in the field talking with his grandfather. His grandfather cuts small sticks. Man Kumar is very active and talks more in this session. (recorded just downside of Man Kumar's home.) In this session, Total utterances = 671 Total utterances by Man Kumar = 220 Total Man Kumar's utterances - COMM =220-18=202 Others' utterance = 671 - 220 = 451 Others' utterance (-COMM) = 451-51=400 Adult to adult utterances (AA) = 46
This session is about the origin of Bal Kanya Devi (Dimahongma). The parents of the child had left her at home alone. She woke up and started to search her parents. Following their way she died when trying to cross a river. In this way she became a deity worshiped by the parents and later the whole community.
Khaliphenma is one of the ritual festivals of the Puma people which generally is done once in six years. Puma worship the ancestors and offer a pig (khali bhog) and wish prosperity and the success of life in future. There are different steps to be taken into consideration when performing this ritual ceremony: these are mentioned in this session. The required materials, and the different roles of househould members are mentioned in this session. The clan history is also spoken about in this session.
It is an interview with one of the martyrs' family. He narrates the past event of Chintang incident which was happened in 1979 (2036 B.S). He is one of the sons of martyr Dhan Bir Darji. His father was killed by armed police/army in that incident.
This is a ritual which is called Yungmeima literally translated it into established the deity.
The whole story is about the friendship between a crab and farmer who used to meet everyday. The narrator describes very interestingly how the crab saves its friend's life.
Indra plays with a radio and Man Kumar whistles with a tiny bottle. Indra and Man Kumar play with stickers sticking at their faces and they come near to the camera and looks as if it is a mirror.
This is a ritual which is called Panimagne 'asking for raining'. This was performed in Akhisalla. In this ritual, they dance and song with playing drums. They have to go to Margha, an adjacent VDC of Akhisalla.
In this session, the narrator tells the myth of Sumnima and her marriage with Paruhang. The interesting events that happened in their marriage process are described in detail.