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Elicitation of plant names from pictures in: Van Rooyen, Noel: Flowering plants of the Kalahari dunes. Lynnwood. 2001
Elicitation of Place names
Pronounciation of 18 place names, recorded while discussing prototype of a cultural map with community: New names and corrections of formerly recorded place names.
Participant tells a story.
Old man (with !Xoon and Naro origin) is visited and interviewed by a couple of !Xoon people. 268-FT was asked by collector to raise some specific questions to 595-OM.
Older Taa speakers of pos 13,15,16,17,18,19 were invited to take part in a story competition. Active participants were brought by car to Campsite San Tako where competition took place (performance place). People of "San Plaas" at pos 17 gathered as audience. A goat was slaughtered and prepared for meal. TWa060515-01 comprises whole event, TWa060515-01 - 15 and TNa060515-01 - 02 represent single contributions.