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This session introduces U K'äy ti7 Na7asah Pom, but the sung is not included here. It is more of an inquiry on the part of the collector, rather than a description of the the song. The song can be foundin session Song_Pom_AM_04.
AM explains the solar movements (solstices), first in Spanish and then in Lacandon.
NW begins making a hammock the traditional Lacandón way.
NI narrates Frog Where Are You, Mercer-Mayer's picture book, for the collectors. The purpose is to compare the narratives of bilingual Lacandones. A Spanish version is in Frogstory_sp_NI.
CNK performs what the collectors assumed to be U K'ay ti7 Huch' 'Song for Grinding (Corn)', the traditional women's work song that accompanies the making of tortillas. The event was prompted by the collectors, in an effort to record women's discourse genres. However, it is clear that this particular song is not the same as JK's version of U K'ay ti' Päk'äch 'The Song for MakingTortillas'. Nevertheless, the performance provides an opportunity to study the creative use of language in a non-ordinary speech context. The household ambience is preserved, with family members going about their daily lives. Chickens and dogs go about their business freely, and their squawking and barking occassionally overlaps CNK's voice.
AM talks about the chEk hun "red bark(headbands)" that are worn During certain ceremonies. The topic was spontaneous, and follows on the heels of the previous session about ceremonies and types of offererings made at each.
SK tells a story about the Yum K'ax.
AM describes crops and planting seasons. In this session, AM expands on what he said in Plant_AM_01.
SK tells the story of Hachakyum and the Frog.
AM explains and describes the cermeony yahak'in, at the request of the collectors.
JK explains the significance of the spell, Ah ts'in. Her neice, CNK, her sister, KM, their brother, KMJKBr, and KP are all present. As well as an explanation of the spell we get a conversation among the women. The text can be found in Ahts7in_JK.
JK explains the song for frothing cocoa. This song was not elicited. See the session Cacao_JK_01, Cacao_JK_02 for the performance of this "women's work song".
JK tells a story and is prompted by NI.
AM talks about Xut'an 'the end of the world'. The topic was broached by the collector.
AM sings U K'ayil Ma7ax 'the Song of the Monkeys', at the request of the collectors. An explanaition of the significance of this song can be found in Exp_Monks_AM.