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Collecting the Idi plantnames based on the Nen plant names collected 1 week earlier. Speakers: Wasang Baio, Jimmy Nébni Idi-speaking women living in Bimadbn help with Idi plant name elicitation: Yowal Yirémb (Dimsisi) Pastor Sobae is her husband Wendy Songa (married to Goi) Wata Ymta (widow of Dibod) Sergo Daiba married to Songa Bill Dewara from Sibidiri, married into Dimsisi (joins in on track 04) IMAGE INFORMATION: idi20110919-01-NEc01.JPG: Jimmy Nébni recording the names of the idi plant name elicitation participants. Idaba Bautp (not participating, but interested), Waka Ymta, Yowal Yirémb, Wendy Songa. idi20110919-01-NEc02.JPG: Nick Evans with Wasang Baio (deceased, 2015). Wasang was Nick’s Idi language consultant for his field methods course taught at the 2011 Linguistic institute in Boulder, Colorado. idi20110919-01-NEc03.JPG: Jimmy Nébni with long-time friend Bill Dewara who is an Idi speaker originally from Sibidiri idi20110919-01-NEc04.JPG: Srga Daeba offers her name for the recording. Keywords: Plants; elicitation
Joe Masa from Dimsisi tells a series of bird stories in Idi. Audio and video collected. Keywords: Narrative; Birds
Customary land demarcation. Verbal record of traditional custodian of land. Recorded in Malenka
Word List: SNG Comparative List
This word list was developed for the use of two linked projects on languages of Southern New Guinea: (a) ARC project on languages of Southern New Guinea (2011-2015) (b) DoBeS project on Nen-Tonda languages (mid-2011 - mid-2014) Lexical items were carefully selected for Southern New Guinea- wide comparison. Justicifation for each lexical item has been included in the spreadsheet, as well as transcription of the collected tokens in the targeted languages under study. Keywords: Elicitiation; SNG wordlist
Volker Gast presented this paper to the linguists of ANU as he was passing through Canberra between fieldwork in Sibdiri and going back to Jena, Germany. Topics include: An overview of Idi; vowel phonology; nominal morphology; verbal morphology; Intransititve inflection (including the non-past); Transitive inflection (including major verb classes, b-verbs, g-verbs, non-past; pluractionality and suppletive pluractional forms; g-verb sub-classes; verbal prefixation summary); Nominal event predicates and auxiliaries. Keywords: Morphology; Phonology
Welcome message to Volker from Sibdiri community. Message in English, then in Idi. The message is brief, but there is a great deal of Idi conversations and a bit of Nen. Video footage also recorded at this event. Keywords: Village description; Public address
Jimmy Nebni describes a coconut he planted in 1973 while at school in Dimsisi. He speaks Idi first, then Nen later (both on same recording). Relevant primary notes are in NE2014a:23-27 37.972. GPS: S8 37.972 E 142 12.919 Keyword: coconut interview
Pastor Blag delivers the prayer to open the fellowship meeting that is to continue over the next few days. A visiting pastor from Balimo is the invited guest. Pastor Adidia, a senior church man who was visiting Bimadbn for the Church Youth Convention. Procession, Christian songs, speeches & prayers, handshakes. This recording is of Pastor Blag praying at rapid pace in Nambu, Motu, Idi and Nen. Keywords: Religion; Prayer
Goi Dibod describes a coconut he planted as a young man when staying in Dimsisi with his MF (after independence). Talks Nen, then Idi. Relevant primary notes are in NE2014a:23-27 37.972. GPS: S 8 37.944 E 142 12.913 Keyword: coconut interview
Dorothy Pimab (Billy’s wife) describes a freshly planted coconut tree, planted this year. She came to Dimsisi to get married in 2012. Her Father is JN’s classmate and also Billy’s, at Daru High School. She speaks Agob as her 1st language and is learning Idi since coming to Dimsisi. Her interview is given first in Agob and then – more haltingly – in Idi. Relevant primary notes are in NE2014a:23-27 37.972. GPS: S8 27.842 E 142 12.987 Keyword: coconut interview
Jimmy Nébni interviews his mother, Wake, in the Idi language. Mostly he asks questions in Nen and she answers in Idi, though sometimes she answers in Nen (he needs to keep steering her back) and sometimes he asks in Idi. This is recorded in the garden hamlet of Zeri, approx. 15 km. from Bimadbn Village. In the second track, Jimmy summarises some of the important parts in English.
Michael Binzawa describes a coconut he planted while at school in Dimsisi, on environment day. This is a retelling of his original interview in the Nen language immediately preeceding this. The Nen version is: nqn20140912NEv-01. Relevant primary notes are in NE2014a:23-27 37.972. GPS: S8 37.975 E 142 13.025 Keyword: coconut interview
Nick Evans Field Notebooks
Scanned notebooks from field trips covering 2008 through 2013. Also included are typed notes with handwritten additions. Multiple languages are included.
Dr. Chris Healey elicits names of birds in the Idi language from a list of TransFly birds. Joe Masa and Jack Masa. In the third track, they are joined by another speaker: Gigu Gwadan. All are from Dimsisi. Recorded in Bimadbn Village. Included in the elicitation is biographical information on the speakers: parents, ages, languages spoken, etc.
Linguistic Field Methods course taught by Professor Nick Evans at the Linguistic Institute 2011, held at the University of Colorado at Boulder (7 July-2 August). Target Language: Idi Language Consultant: Wasang Baiio
Elicitation of Trans Fly bird names in Idi. Recorded in Sibidiri with multiple participants. Bill is translating. Elicitation begins at bird ID #236 Keywords: Birds; Elicitation
Request for Volker to come to Sibdiri community. Message in Idi, then in English. Recorded in Bimadbn Village on a visit from Bill. Keywords: Request
Idi Field Methods Notebooks
Scanned collaborative notebooks of the students of Nick Evans for his field methods course on the Idi language. The course was taught at the Linguistic Institute in Boulder Colorado in 2011. Language consultant was Wasang Baio.
Billy Tewa Wartovo describes the coconut tree planted outside his house, as part of a grove of coconuts. The NW tree of the grove was the one he planted in 2004. Photos taken of Billy and the tree. Interview is in Idi. Relevant primary notes are in NE2014a:23-27 37.972. GPS: S8 37.849 E 142 12.994 Keyword: coconut interview