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Conversation of 268-FT, 277-ET, 208-OG, 221-SD before (sitting in the sand near campsite table) and during lunch (at table together with TG, RK, CN).
118 shows hard wax, an important raw material for many products (used as glue and for sealing and as arrowhead. His wife 121 shows scoops made of calabashs she wants to sell.
Deutsche Welle Radio (NBC, Namibian Broadcasting Company), Am Runden Tisch mit Fabian Rafael. Interview mit Thomas Widlok, Gertie Hoymann.
Procedural order of clips: 8, 6, 7, 5, 10+1+2, 1, 3, 4, 11 1: hammock knotting and thwine yarning (+S.I.) 2: producing of esteira, thwine yarning 3: details: an half finished hammock (+ parrots) 4: knotting, many pictures, other objects, portraits 5: details: yarn, new hammock, esteira 6: detail: buriti sprout 7: separating the film and stalk of buriti leaves 8: a Tuatuari trip to fetch buriti leaf sprouts 9: Tuatuari trip contd. with researchers, return 10: starting to know a new hammock 11: finishing the hammock, taking it off te pegs, finishing the ends
SX films the preparation and actual taping of the session 083_sham.
Shots taken from Alex Loch's car on way to diego kai; bumpy at times
tape WMNHVDP14Nov0201.mpg contains 'metashots' such as group approaching, group sitting close by etc (with German and English in off) last minutes on WMNHAD21Nov0201.wav are also more inclusive of NH/JB
Shots taken from Alex Loch's car on way back from Diego Kai visit - running from Kaibada till Baucau, last minutes buying in store and walking back to Hotel Lorosa'e, interior of Hotel