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Collecting the Idi plantnames based on the Nen plant names collected 1 week earlier. Speakers: Wasang Baio, Jimmy Nébni Idi-speaking women living in Bimadbn help with Idi plant name elicitation: Yowal Yirémb (Dimsisi) Pastor Sobae is her husband Wendy Songa (married to Goi) Wata Ymta (widow of Dibod) Sergo Daiba married to Songa Bill Dewara from Sibidiri, married into Dimsisi (joins in on track 04) IMAGE INFORMATION: idi20110919-01-NEc01.JPG: Jimmy Nébni recording the names of the idi plant name elicitation participants. Idaba Bautp (not participating, but interested), Waka Ymta, Yowal Yirémb, Wendy Songa. idi20110919-01-NEc02.JPG: Nick Evans with Wasang Baio (deceased, 2015). Wasang was Nick’s Idi language consultant for his field methods course taught at the 2011 Linguistic institute in Boulder, Colorado. idi20110919-01-NEc03.JPG: Jimmy Nébni with long-time friend Bill Dewara who is an Idi speaker originally from Sibidiri idi20110919-01-NEc04.JPG: Srga Daeba offers her name for the recording. Keywords: Plants; elicitation
plants used as medicine, how to manipulate the plants to make them useful
The different meals are elicited in this session. The consultant is also talking about food (e.g. about making sausage).
bodyparts and bodily states
Two older knowledgeable informants instruct a younger man how to cook a green sea turtle in the traditional way.
Lochhang - Gongs
One recording in which Tonnyai Lochhang with Dahue, Shehue and Tangjeng performs and discusses about gongs. This consists of the following sound file: SDM15-20100118-085206_JS_E_Gongs.wav The details of this recording are as follows: SDM15-20100118-085206_JS_E_Gongs.wav; Duration 19’53”; Performance and discussion of gongs. This was also recorded on video.
articles of clothing, words for wearing and putting on clothes
Khaki Marrala and David Minyimak give musical terms in Iwaidja (semi-elicitation). The recording is mostly in English with some Iwaidja.
Khithong – elicited sentences
One recording in which Khithung Hakhun gives translations of some sentences. This consists of the following sound file: SDM23-20091219-01_KB_M_KhithungSentences.wav The details of this recording are as follows: SDM23-20091219-01_KB_M_KhithungSentences.wav; Duration 13’57”; Sentences collected by Krishna Boro; translations elicited from Khithung
These are recordings made by the Berndts and Cecil Holmes among others. The songs recorded here are known to present-day inhabitants of Croker Island, Goulburn Island, and Oenpelli. The recordings were used to elicit information from locals.
Rachel Nimilga talks about the fact that children are missing out on learning what she considers to be key aspects of her culture. She points out the differences between her childhood, and the way children grow up today. N.B. Although recorded on digital video, there is no video file for this session as the informant requested that she not be filmed.
cardinal points
This is a recording of garden work. Abia Bai and his wife Lucy are planting yams in their garden. recorded with a Canon XA 10 with a mounted shotgun microphone Rode Videomic
Multiple interviews in this session: 1.) Michael's father, Idaba, standing in front of ancestral cane explaining its significance This story is transcribed. 2.) Idaba and Michael giving full history of ancestors; 3.) Ausa Waiga Dédéyag (actually recorded on 2008-10-13); 4.) Pastor Blag tells his life story about being trained as a missionary (actually recorded on 2008-10-13) Key words: Narrative; Geneaology; Personal History; History
Joe Masa from Dimsisi tells a series of bird stories in Idi. Audio and video collected. Keywords: Narrative; Birds
consultant talks about how to make hide, about how to take off the skin of the head of a moose and about how to use the other parts of the moose (e.g. shoulder blades). Some miscellaneous vocabularies.