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This session contains the morning activities of child2, LDCh2. Her mother washes LDCh2's face from water in a bowl, and girl in red dries it off. Then she gives the mother a bottle; the mother puts some on her hands and smoothes it on LDCh2's head. She combs LDCh2's hair. Her mother gives LDCh2 a small bottle, then fills it with water. LDCh2 plays with the cap while her mother talks. LDCh2 breastfeeds. The mother walks offscreen and LDCh2 messes with her clothing. RAJK gives LDCh2 some beans in a bowl. LDCh2 pokes at them, stirs them, and hits the bowl repeatedly with the spoon. She eats the beans slowly using both her hand and the spoon. The mother sets her on a mat. Older girl in white fights playfully with a woman in pink. LDCh2 gets up holding the bowl and walks to her mother. She eats while standing next to her mother. Her mother talks to her. Some kind of broadcast or recording plays. LDCh2 sits in her mother’s lap. She finishes the beans and her mother gives her a gourd to drink from. Older girl in white brings a round wooden object like a small table or stool; the mother tries to set LDCh2 in it, but she struggles.
LDCh3, Rankana and DKR play in a heap of dry straw. LDCh3 tries to carry her. LDCh3, RANJ and DKR play local Chintang and Nepali rhyming games. In this session, children play 3 rhyming games: cɨkcɨk keŋ keŋ, okkucukbakkucuk, lemmli hoi hoi. The session is very interesting though no adult is present.
LDCh2 plays with a radio.
LDCh3 and PNR play with a ball and a bat. They play with Ritha. LDCh3's mother, LK and the kids mostly talk about lice.
LDCh1 and Ram walk here and there. They hit oranges with stones. There is interaction among LK, LDCh1 and Ram. At the end of the session, LDCh1 and Ram jump down into the field. Two adults - LK and LDCh1's mother RAJK - talk about selling oranges. LDCh1 and his brother are playing behind the house until it gets really boring and LDCh1 walks off to a small field. He plays with sticks and spends most of his time looking for something to do.
LDCh2 and LDCh3 are playing with wooden seats, pretending they are babies. At the end of the session, LDCh2's mother is stitching leave-plates.
LDCh3 talks to LK about a woman seized by the flood during those days. There is a very interesting conversation between them. LDCh3 and SAMJ play dandibiyo (which is regarded a national game of Nepal. It is played with one short and one long stick). RANJ and Gyanu play with Renu, the small child.
This session was recorded in the afternoon at 2pm. At first, LDCh2's mother was not at home but later she comes.
In the beginning of the session, IR and RM encourage LDCh1 to talk, asking him different questions like 'Are you at home?', 'Did Kanchi eat rice?', etc. LDCh1 seems not interested to talk in the beginning. He replies to the questions with one word. RM gives him chocolate and they eat it. Ram and RM ask LDCh1 to write and read and he does. Ram asks LDCh1 different questions related to their family like 'Where is father?', 'What is IKR doing?', etc. At the end of the session, LDCh1 and Ram sing a Nepali song. LDCh1's mother, IR and RM also encourage them to sing.
In this session, LDCh4 plays with feathers, he plays with a round piece made of plastic. Around 0:40, he goes to his neighbour's yard and he plays there walking here and there.
Many children including LDCh2, LDCh3 and LDCh1 have been gathered together eating noodles in the field.
LDCh1 is on the veranda with his elder brother Ram. They are eating millet rice with curry and having a conversation meanwhile. They discovered something/somebody farther away and talk about it and shout to it/ them. Somebody is talking to them in the background.
LDCh2 and her siblings are playing behind the house in the cowshed, where her mother is working.
LDCh3 and her siblings eat cucumber. LDCh3 interacts with her mother in the kitchen while her mother is cooking a meal. The children including LDCh3 tease one another. They use abusive language and taboo words. The session is very interesting.
LDCh1 is staying at his home with his elder siblings. PR jokes with LDCh1. There is a lot of conversation among Devi, PR and SBR about what to cook with curry. LDCh1 does not speak too much. PR teases him repeatedly. In the beginning of the video, LDCh1's brother washes LDCh1's face with his hands and some water. Afterwards he stands around with his brothers, sits around with his brothers and even eats some candy with them. Subsequently he plays a bit with his brother but as he gets exhausted he goes to sit with his sister who gives him a belt and helps LDCh1 put it on.
LDCh3's mother is watching and throwing insects in leafy vegetables and cuts the vegetables. LDCh3 plays with a straw mat. She spreads the mat in the yard and sleeps on it.
LDCh4 and Kuluk sing Nepali song and they dance.
In the beginning of the session, LDCh1 is with Ram, his mother and his youngest sister. All except his mother eat sweets. LDCh1 eats sweets breaking them on the grinding stone. His mother is taking care of her little baby. RM asks LDCh1 what he is doing. Similarly MR asks LDCh1 to give a few sweets to his sister. RM talks to LDCh1. She asks many questions about plants and other matters and LDCh1 tries to answer them. Then LDCh1 and Ram play ball. MR, RM, Ram and LDCh1 talk about LDCh1's pig, chicken and other matters. At the end of the recording, RM asks LDCh1 to sing a song, which he then does.
The session is recorded in the veranda of LDCh4's house. In the begining of the session, LDCh4 is leaning against the wall near the door. His mother is breastfeeding a small child. His elder sister, IKR, is writing her homework. A baby is playing with a toy car.There are a lot of children in the session. In the first half of the session, LDCh4 speaks very few words. He plays with a small ball. His elder sister, Ilu, wears a black boot. Then Ilu and LDCh4 talk. Other children also join in. His younger brother tries to make LDCh4 wear his cap. Later, LDCh4 goes away and his brother follows him. We can hear the cooing of a pigeon also. At last, LDCh4 gives dry noodles to his younger brother, and he also eats it, then he talks well with RM and Ilu.
In the beginning of this session, LDCh2 and Asu play ball on the veranda of her house. Her mother and MR join in the conversation. In the end of the session, DEV and SKR also get involved in playing ball.