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This text is about the various matters of Chintang. It deals mainly about the history of ginger cultivation in Chintang. Krishna Maya Rai also talks about the migration trend of Chintang and compares the current Chintang with the past. She also talks about Jalpa Devi temple in brief and about her childhood as well.
This session is about the origin of Bal Kanya Devi (Dimahongma). The parents of the child had left her at home alone. She woke up and started to search her parents. Following their way she died when trying to cross a river. In this way she became a deity worshiped by the parents and later the whole community.
In this text, Puma shaman Mr Cakra Bahadur Rai is performing the ritual. Paruhang is respected as the supreme god.In this ritual, shamans demand the power with their superior god, Paruhang.
In this session, the narrator tells the myth of Sumnima and her marriage with Paruhang. The interesting events that happened in their marriage process are described in detail.
The participant named Durga Kumari Rai involves in telephone conversation with her sister named Surya Kumari Rai living in Chintag. They talk on misscellaneous subject matters such as health, situation of village, clothes, and so many other personal matters.
In this session, the participats express their experience about campus life. Generally, their feeling, experience and events are described sequentially. They desribe how they leave home? What happened on the way to Kathmandu? What they first felt when they reached Kathmandu?. Similarly, how they adjust in the new place has been described here.
The song gives the message to the Puma community that they should preserve the cultural festivals. The ritual and cultural performers are highly respected in this song. The importance of Phagu and way of celebrating this Phagu festival is also mentioned in this song.
The consultant describes mainly Chintang marriage and death rituals among Chintange people.
Khali puja is the offering of the pig to the ancestors. The shaman should speak in the Puma mundhum language, the clan names are also called out. The ways of performing these processes are described.
Bal Kanya Devi or Dimahongma is the supreme goddess for the Puma, and they believe in her strongly. Once upon a time, a young girl's parents left her at home in order to work across the river. The girl started to look for her parents and followed them. When the parents later returned home and their daughter was not there they searched for her. Eventually they found that she had drowned in the river when trying to cross it. The parents were very sad. Later they found that the girl had turned into a goddess and they worshipped her.
This text is about the various matters of Ahale and Tangkera. There is no electricity in Tangkera. They talk about the need and expect electricity in Tangkera.
RM narrates this story. This is a real story that she faced in her life. In this story, she describes the death of a young guy who was her brother's friend and was also very close to her family. When, where and how the young man died - is narrated in this session.
This is a popular folk tale in Chintang. In this story, Sanch Maya narrates how a clever boy escapes from a man-eater lady's hand. The whole text is concentrated on the different activites of the man-eater lady.
In this text, the informants Lash Kumari, Janak and Rikhimaya discuss on various types of cuts in Chintang. Lash Kimari discusses with them cutting the sticks , branches and grass and confirmed whether she is right or not. They apply many cuts, manner of cutting and come in conclusion.
This session documents in detail the performance of the nuwagi festival which is one of the most important festivals in the Puma Community.
This text is about the various duties of Kothari. It deals mainly about the Kothari's work in the Jalpa Devi Temple. Kothari seems dissatisfied with his salary and fecilities of the jalpa Devi Temple.
Ramila describes about the various activites of two young dogs. She explains how they hunt animals. The other participants make interesting questions on the activities of the dogs. There are some other family matters too in the text.
The incidents which happened in the childhood life of the speaker and also the experience of adoloscence is expressed in the poem.
KM describes about her and her family. She also describes the situation of Chintang when she was young. She compares the present situation with the past one. Asha and Nisha also introduce themselves and describe the present situation of Chintang.
In this session, the participants have talked about the past happenings of them in their school life and also the purpose of coming to Beltar from Diplung VDC.