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Cholim - Crossbow
A recording in which the villagers of Kharang Kong, led by Loekyam Cholim, perform a flag raising ceremony for the Wihu Kuh festival, and dances are performed, led by Chonja Tonglum. This consists of the following media files: SDM12-20080105-07_1185_SM_X_FlagRaising.mpg Duration 12'35" This recording forms part of the cassette numbered SMVDP05JAN0801 (Phonogrammarchiv No 1185),, and runs from 24'15" to 36'50" on that cassette. The detailed contents of the recording are as follows: 1’51” (26’06”); Flag raising performed by Stephen Morey; 2’45” (27’00”); Trio song sung by Chonja, Mya Bang and Ja Ong, accompanied by Ringnya. This is the same song as the first dance song in SDM12-20071215-01_1178_SM_X_GirlsDancingGroup, together with singing of song in the more traditional style by Ringnya. 4’55” (29’10”); Speech by Loekyam Cholim, in Assamese, at the flag raising ceremony 12’26” (36’41”); Trio dance song, sung by Chonja, Mya Bang and Ja Ong. 12’35” (36’50”); End of recording
Shechhue – Jongwi Personal history
A recording in which Jongwi tells their own history. This consists of the following sound file: SDM18-2008Tascam-012.wav The details of this recording are as follows: SDM18-2008Tascam-012.wav; Duration 2’05”; About her birthplace and parents and the language situation
Shechhue – Word List
Ten recordings in which Jongwi gives some words in Shechhue. These consist of the following sound files: SDM18-2008Tascam-001.wav SDM18-2008Tascam-002.wav SDM18-2008Tascam-003.wav SDM18-2008Tascam-004.wav SDM18-2008Tascam-005.wav SDM18-2008Tascam-006.wav SDM18-2008Tascam-007.wav SDM18-2008Tascam-008.wav SDM18-2008Tascam-009.wav SDM18-2008Tascam-010.wav The details of these recordings are as follows: SDM18-2008Tascam-001.wav; Duration 7’59”; CALMSEA Word List 1 – body parts SDM18-2008Tascam-002.wav; Duration 2’42”; CALMSEA Word List 2 – humans & pronouns SDM18-2008Tascam-003.wav; Duration 2’38”; kinship terms SDM18-2008Tascam-004.wav; Duration 0’25”; daughter-in-law SDM18-2008Tascam-005.wav; Duration 2’03”; CALMSEA Word List 3 - foodstuffs SDM18-2008Tascam-006.wav; Duration 4’43”; CALMSEA Word List 4 – animals SDM18-2008Tascam-007.wav; Duration 7’43”; CALMSEA Word List 5 – natural world objects SDM18-2008Tascam-008.wav; Duration 2’17”; CALMSEA Word List 6 – Artefacts SDM18-2008Tascam-009.wav; Duration 2’46”; CALMSEA Word List 7 SDM18-2008Tascam-010.wav; Duration 0’38”; additional words for animals, ‘elephant’, ‘tiger’, ‘buffalo’, ‘tiger’
Cholim - Chant of the priest
SDM-12-2009-11-03-16-MB-pujarymantra-Lukyam.wav SDM-ass-2009-11-03-17-MB-pujarymantra-meaning-Lukyam.wav
Cholim - Farewell to the mouse (sung before killing a mouse)
Mungray - Story
A recording in which Samreng Mongre tells a Story This consists of the following media file: SDM30-2009Tascam-001:Duration 10’21” The details of this file are as follows: SDM30-2009Tascam-001:Duration 10’21”:Story, first spoken in Mongre, then in Assamese.
Phulbari Wihu Kuh
Eight recordings in which Loekyam Cholim and various dancers, singers and announcers from various Tangsa villages perform Wihu Kuh. These consist of the following video files: SDM25-20100105-01_SM_WihuKuh_LukamSong.mpeg SDM25-20100105-02_SM_WihuKuh_RiceBeer.mpeg SDM25-20100105-03_SM_WihuKuh_Procession.mpeg (These recordings are from the video cassette ASSMVDP03JAN1001 - 1442) SDM25-20100105-04_SM_WihuKuh_ImpromptuDance.mpeg SDM25-20100105-05_SM_ChiefGuestArrival.mpeg SDM25-20100105-06_SM_WihuKuh_Dances.mpeg SDM25-20100105-07_SM_WihuKuh_Presentations.mpeg SDM25-20100105-08_SM_WihuKuh_MoklumDance.mpeg (These recordings are from the video cassette ASSMVDP05JAN1001 -1446) The details of these recordings are as follows: (Timing on the cassette are in parentheses) SDM25-20100105-01_SM_WihuKuh_LukamSong.mpeg; Start Time 13’10” End Time 57’42”; Duration 44'32"; 13’10”(44'32") Wihu song performed by Lukam Tonglum – the first two lines were missed. He stopped singing from time to time and explained the meaning of the song in Cholim. He had a microphone in front of him and at times the sound is a little distorted. SDM25-20100105-02_SM_WihuKuh_RiceBeer.mpeg 24’53: the arrival of the rice wine (chhai¹) at a small hut on the side of the festival ground. Singing led by Joenwi Lakkai and Ringnya Khalak. The chhai is in a basket that is attached to a pillar near the door of this hut (there being no main pillar of this hut). 27’00” some discussion between Simon Rera and the ladies; the singing then resumes. 28’10” the girls of Kharang Kong bring the leaf, flower and bamboo binding to the ceremonial altar. 29’58” The older ladies of Kharang Kong arrive to attach the leaves and other items that have been brought from Kharang Kong (and which had been smeared with the blood of chickens sacrificed in the morning). These are attached by Joenwi. 31’05” Joenwi starts singing the Wihu song. She is accompanied by Ringnya. 34’15” some songs are broadcast over the loud speaker. 35’34” This is switched off at Stephen Morey’s request. A microphone is then brought for Joenwi. SDM25-20100105-03_SM_WihuKuh_Procession.mpeg 43’57” preparations for the procession. 50’06” beginning of procession – small speech by Yanim Mossang. Procession begins at 50’34” with the threefold cry ahe ahe ahe. SDM25-20100105-04_SM_WihuKuh_ImpromptuDance.mpeg; Start Time 0’00” End Time 5’56” 0’00” Informal dancing by Phulim, and Hakhun elder from Molung with Lukam, both Phulim and the other Hakhun were playing long cylindrical drums which they beat with beaters. This dance was to fill in time while waiting for the chief guest. 4’40”(1'16") they are joined by the Cholim girls performing with gongs. This was Chonja Tonglum and Mya Bang. 5’48”(0'08") finish. SDM25-20100105-05_SM_ChiefGuestArrival.mpeg 5’56” arrival of and welcome to the chief guest, Digboi MLA Rameswar Dhanuwar. This was followed by a procession to the main ground and a procession around the ground by the whole group. SDM25-20100105-06_SM_WihuKuh_Dances.mpeg 9’29” Balinong group, perfoming a dance song. This was performed by about 15 females, and the very beginning of the dance song was missed. They danced in a line. 12’55” end of the Balinong group dance. 13’30” Moklum group from Kharsang, performing a dance. This was done by males and females together, but did not include any singing. 15’30” While the Moklum group are still dancing, the announcer (Nong Yongkuk) explained about the different Tangsa groups. In this dance the dancers divide into two groups at times and then re-combine. 17’10” Finish; 18’25” Phulbari and Kharang Kong group. Five girls from Kharang Kong sang the Ănyom Qhyoe and then the Wang Jang Qhyoe while the group of boys and girls danced with cymbals. 25’19” finish. 26’28” Hakhun dance group. About 10 males led by Phulim Hakhun and the Hakhun elder from Molung. The men sang and danced while the ladies played the gongs and danced. 34’55” finish. SDM25-20100105-07_SM_WihuKuh_Presentations.mpeg Formalities of presenting turbans and clothing to the official guests, starting with Hon. Rameswar Dhanuwar, Digboi MLA and Sri Milon Sonowal, Chairman of the Sonowal Kachari Autonomous Council. 43’18” finish. SDM25-20100105-08_SM_WihuKuh_MoklumDance.mpeg 43’18” Dance by the Moklum group. 46’11” end
Shechhue – Grammatical recordings
A recording in which Jongwi and Nongtang Langching talks on Shechhue grammar. This consists of the following sound file: SDM18-2008Tascam-011.wav The details of this recording are as follows: SDM18-2008Tascam-011.wav; Duration 5’45”; Elicitation of paradigm
Cholim - Opium story
SDM-ass-2009-11-03-05-MB-beginning-of-story08.wav SDM-ass-2009-11-03-08-MB-a-creation-story-Lukyam.wav