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Short speech sample of middle-aged woman living on a commercial farm. Participant tells the name of her mothers and two of her mother's sisters living in the Corridor.
Participant narrates a story about a lion coming to people's houses at night and stealing meat from their pots.
Elicitation of words with different accompaniments to alveolar click (PCQuirer incl. audio).
Participant (288-JB) translates example sentences with words introduced in the primer.
Explanations on girl's initiation ceremony
288-JB translates questions written in Afrikaans into Taa. 019-GT, 285-AB, 297-MG give answers. Session recorded behind OST office at Gobabis.
Participant comments on documentary film recorded in 1972 among Taa-speakers in Botswana. Participant obviously does not recognize the game documented in the film.
Participant comments on documentary film recorded among Botswanan Taa-speakers in 1972. The film shows a game played by men imitating gemsboks and hunting dogs. Participant enjoys the verve of the game and comments on the performance of the individual men.
Participant gives a short account of her life (topics are: birthplace Aminuis, farm labor, relatives at San Plaas, foraging life at Kumu, marriage in Aranos, language use)
Participant comments on documentary film recorded by Hans-Joachim Heinz among Taa-speakers in Botswana showing the construction of a grass-house.
Recording of the initial phase of the presentation of the prototypes of a number of maps to representatives of the Taa-speaking community at San Plaas with discussions on the Taa title, the way authors of the texts should be referred to, etc. Researcher speaks Afrikaans, Translation by West !Xoon speaker 268-FT.
G!un-g!unte has got a harelip as sharp as a knife. With it he can both kill animals and work skins. He is very successful in hunting as well as in working skins. The other people who don't get any prey decide to kill him. He knows that the people are going to recognize him by his harelip-blade and tells his children to watch out while he is working the skins. When the people arrive at his place he has hidden the blade. He sends the people to another place. They continue searching for days until finally one of them suggests that he must be the one. They creep up his place early in the morning so that it is too late for him to hide the blade. Then the people kill him together with his wife and children. Lesson to be learned according to translator: If someone is lucky and able to make his living, the others don't ave to be jealous and kill you. They have to try and work themselves.
Participant comments his depilating an aardwolf, takes the chance to lament about bad performance of Chief, lack of solidarity, hardships of life, etc.
Participants translate propositions (animal names (lower animals, reptiles, birds) in context utterances "I see one.../many...") from Afrikaans into 'N/ohan.
Participants show bushfood to researcher and give information on habitat, use, etc. of Acanthosicyos naudianus 1 wav-file, 2 photos
Elicitation of lexicon (problematic words).
An old woman tells the children with whom she is living that she wants to shear them but cuts their skins instead. Children manage to push her into the fire and run away. When she gets out of the fire she tries to follow them but gives up.
268-FT and 304-MG translate words from Afrikaans into Taa. Recorded at Gobabis.
Elicitation of object relative clauses.