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Explanation about animals that are culturally important.
The speaker was facing seawards
Conversation between WN and HT about Haerudin's family and WN's life. Later a women joins the conversation.
The speaker is facing seawards.
DG tells Sinelugu Damaya story
Participant gives short definitions of some terms for landscape features
Participant explains the traditional clothes he is wearing.
Three boys - met by chance while walking inside Pos 17 - present themselves.
Two adult speakers of Marquesan aged 69 and 63 perform the object-object matching task called the Farm Animals game (Danziger & Hill 1993). Each interaction is played with two players, one being the Director (=D) and one being the Matcher (=M). Both players are seperated by a screen and gaze in the same direction. The Director has to explain an array of toy objects to the Matcher. The Matcher has to construct the array of objects by following the Director's instructions. The original task is a photo-object matching task; this sometimes showed to be leading to problems (due to the way the Director holds the photo) and the reference is not always clear. That is the reason why the researcher changed the task to an object-object task. Photo 2 is described.