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The shepherds are sitting at their nightcamp late in the evening and are planning their further route.
Multiple interviews in this session: 1.) Michael's father, Idaba, standing in front of ancestral cane explaining its significance This story is transcribed. 2.) Idaba and Michael giving full history of ancestors; 3.) Ausa Waiga Dédéyag (actually recorded on 2008-10-13); 4.) Pastor Blag tells his life story about being trained as a missionary (actually recorded on 2008-10-13) Key words: Narrative; Geneaology; Personal History; History
Həsən shows and explains what was excavated from the newly found ancient grave
The Family Problems Picture Task is described in: San Roque, Lila, Lauren Gawne, Darja Hoenigman, Julia Colleen Miller, Alan Rumsey, Stef Spronck, Alice Carroll & Nicholas Evans. 2012. Getting the story straight: Language fieldwork using a narrative problem-solving task. Language Documentation and Conservation 6: 135-174. The task consists of three parts. In the first part, the speakers describe what they see in the pictures. In the second part, they form a story with the pictures. In the third part, they tell the story they made to Jeremías, usually in third and first person.
This recording shows men taking part in an archery competition that was held in Apahapsili in preparation to the celebrations on the 17th of August (Indonesian Independence Day). For a similar event see also the sessions running_event_women and independence_day_award_ceremony (both in this sub-corpus)