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Example sentence which includes the marquesan word tau (land).
Recorded for Kalkaringi Community Education Centre (primary and middle school) Gurindji program organised by DAC (Diwurruwurru-jaru Aboriginal Corporation). A boy shares a humpy with his granny. She doesn't let him sleep properly, telling him to move over all the time and leave more room for her. The same thing happens night after night. One day he decides to kill her. He leaves the humpy in the evening, covers himself in white ochre and bursts in on her. She thinks he is a devildevil and dies of fright.
These clips were designed by researcher DH herself to elicit boundary crossing events in motion descriptions. It is an animated ppt presentation consisting of 10 different slides: 1) The car went out of the fence/door 2) The car into the fence/door 3) The girl walked into the fence/door 4) The girl walked out of the fence/door 5) The kangaroo jumped out of the fence/door
Attempt at eliciting talk about “mad” actions, talking about retarded boy; spontaneous discourse related to fishing.
The shepherds are sitting at their nightcamp late in the evening and are planning their further route.
Example sentence which includes the marquesan word 'oāka (find).
Rəhman and Faiq talk about their ideas of a possible future development of the Khinalugh village
Monika asks questions in Azeri, Mammadirza answers in Khinalugh (Azeri answers have been cut out)
In this session, HC tells the frog story elicited with the book 'Frog, where are you?'. However, she interprets the pictures as separate events and therefore she describes each picture as if it where a new situation, leaving out many of the motion events suggested in the story. Afterwards, she gives several sentences in Baure, commenting on the current happenings around her house, e.g. people passing by carrying agricultural products. When a man passes by carrying yuca, she describes how the yuca is processed for making chivé., En esta sessión, HC cuenta la historia del sapo, elicitado con el libro 'Frog, where are you?' (Sapo, ¿dónde estás?). Ella interpreta cada dibujo como evento separado, y por ello describe cada dibujo como si fuera una situación nueva, ignorando los eventos de moción sugeridos en el cuento. Después, HC da algunas frases sueltas, comentando a la situación contemporánea alrededor de su casa, e.g. gente que pasa por la casa trayendo productos agricultores. Cuando pasa un hombre trayendo yuca, HC explica cómo se procesa la yuca para hacer chivé.
Haci Bala explains the patterns of a carpet
LO describes how a hat is made. He comments on the whole process, from cutting the chonta palm leaves to plaiting the hat., LO describe cómo se hace un sombrero. Comenta en todo el proceso, desde sacar la hoja de chonta hasta cimbar el sombrero.
Nies is describing the short randomized set of the ECOM clips.
Example sentence which includes the marquesan word akāu (reef).
MB tells Ria about research team traveling to Baucau and their set-up there; lots about prices they have to pay for travel, hotel, eating out not quite relaxed and spontaneous, attempting to repeat a conversation they just had Audio resource contains segment preceding the video take when Ria Maria is still speaking about prices for going to Caisido, apparently unaware of recording
MB asks Abel about the ceremony
Traditional food
Example sentence which includes the marquesan word pa'afīo (old woman).