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Cholim - Traditional Cholim Songs 2
A series of 6 recordings on 8th and 9th January 2008 in which Lukam Tonglum sings and talks about several Cholim songs. Jürgen Schöpf and Palash Nath were present for these recordings. This consists of the following sound files: SDM12-2008Tascam-104.wav; Duration 14'50"; recorded on 8/1/2008 SDM12-2008Tascam-105.wav; Duration 26'55"; recorded on 8/1/2008 SDM12-2008Tascam-108.wav; Duration 2'04"; recorded on 8/1/2008 SDM12-2008Tascam-109.wav; Duration 12'06"; recorded on 8/1/2008 SDM12-2008Tascam-112.wav; Duration 0'32"; recorded on 8/1/2008 SDM12-2008Tascam-113.wav; Duration 0'34"; recorded on 8/1/2008 In detail, these recordings consist of the following: SDM12-2008Tascam-104.wav Several Songs; with some discussions; the beginning of the tape is preparation; 1’24” Discussion starts; 2’36” First Lullaby (no chhoen xyoe) 7’54” End of first song and some discussion; 8’20” Lungsong (Tangsa variety Lullaby this song finishes with some speaking – the meaning of this is to say to the Gods and demons that there is nothing to eat in the house, so please don’t come to the house. This is done because if the demons come the child might get sick – this prayer was recorded in full below at SDM12-2008Tascam-107; 9’47” Discussion; 11’31” – Ju phuq tăwang xyoe; song for chasing away rats. It ends with a shout to send the rat away. 13’55” Discussion SDM12-2008Tascam-105.wav Several Songs; with some discussions. Starts with discussion continued from SDM12-2008Tascam-104; 0’44” Mulon xyoe; revenge song; 2’47” Further discussion; 4’43” A song related to wihu kuq, when it is observed by killing 100 buffaloes, the singer names everything from the floor to the roof – he speaks out the names of the different things in the house. This is discussed in SDM12-2008Tascam-109; 10’28” Discussion; 12’41” Wihu xyoe; 19’46” Discussion; 22’38” War song - Rai ke rai lung xyoe. This last song was much interrupted by the arriving visitors. SDM12-2008Tascam-108.wav About the tune in the song for chasing away rats, see above SDM12-2008Tascam-104, at 11’31” SDM12-2008Tascam-109.wav About the wihu xoe, explained in Assamese; the song was recorded at SDM12-2008Tascam-105 4’43” SDM12-2008Tascam-112.wav Sung and spoken versions of line (17) of SDM12-2008Tascam-104 (first song) SDM12-2008Tascam-113.wav Sung and spoken versions of line (17) of SDM12-2008Tascam-104 (first song)
Cholim - Birth Customs and Naming of Children
A text of 13'51" in which Lukam Tonglum talks about birth customs and the naming of children This consists of the following sound file: SDM12-2008Tascam-102 recorded on 2/1/2008