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Recorded for Kalkaringi Community Education Centre (primary and middle school) Gurindji program organised by DAC (Diwurruwurru-jaru Aboriginal Corporation). A boy shares a humpy with his granny. She doesn't let him sleep properly, telling him to move over all the time and leave more room for her. The same thing happens night after night. One day he decides to kill her. He leaves the humpy in the evening, covers himself in white ochre and bursts in on her. She thinks he is a devildevil and dies of fright.
Participant gives short definitions of some terms for landscape features
bodyparts and bodily states
The researcher worked with a Trumai consultant. The topic were various issues of the morphosyntax of the language. The consultant provided examples and explanations.
articles of clothing, words for wearing and putting on clothes
Minimal pairs 1
This recording follows some pre-fieldwork preparatin questions aimed at checking some potential minimal pairs. I anounce the wrong date in this. It's actually 20140503.
Baptismal service held in Angguruk on January 23, 1972. For an overview (in German) consult the corresponding written resource.
References throughout the corpus refer to the original recordings archived under this node. Those named "Tb" are digitized reel-to-reel tapes, all remaining digitizations originate from actual cassette tapes. In some cases the included pdf-scans of the cassette-covers contain additional metadata.
on war (against Ninia?)
Short speech sample of middle-aged woman living on a commercial farm. Participant tells the name of her mothers and two of her mother's sisters living in the Corridor.
small mammals