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This is recording of a feast in Rouku. The feast is held in honour of Abia Bai who is leaving his post as a Local Level Government Member for Ward 16 Rouku,Ufarua,Thamnḡakar&Fórzitho. He was not re-elected earlier in the year and his family is arranging the feast for his supporters. tci20131103-01: cutting up a pig tci20131103-02 - tci20131103-03: opening the ground oven with the yam cake tci20131103-04: a farewell speech by Abia Bai tci20131103-05 - tci20131103-09: dancing and singing in the night tci20131103-08: at the end of this recording Ako Koko is delivering a speech. He is obviously intoxicated. This genre of speech is called se zókwasi bark language and involves a man circling the dancing ground with a bark torch. While doing this, he talks loudly and vigorously. Se Zókwasi is a genre during which it is expected to talk angrily.