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This is a recording in a garden place about 2km North-East of Rouku. The main speaker had begun to lay out a new garden and clear to ground. He took me to his garden and we made a number of recordings. all recordings made with Canon XA 10 and a shotgun microphone Rode Videomic. tci20130823CDa-01.wav + tci20130823CDv-01.mpeg tci20130823CDv-01.wav -> This is a procedural about how to make a garden. tci20130823CDa-01.wav was recorded with a wireless lapel microphone on the speaker's shirt. tci20130823CDv-02.mpeg, tci20130823CDv-03.mpeg, tci20130823CDv-04.mpeg, tci20130823CDv-05.mpeg -> panning over the garden site. tci20130823CDv-06.mpeg -> another speaker passed by on a bicycle. he stayed for 30minutes and sat down talking to us. tci20130823CDv-07.mpeg, tci20130823CDv-08.mpeg, tci20130823CDv-09.mpeg tci20130823CDv-08.wav -> walking back to Rouku