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This is a nzürna story. nzürna is a female sprit woman who lives in the forest and may pose a threat to people. She is able to change her appearance and deceives people. She often follows the protagonist of the story and kills and eats him or her. These stories are widespread in the Morehead District and are adapted to particular locale and a related protagonist. This story was told in Kanathér, where a group of people camped at the time. Kanathér is the `ponton place' where people frequently cross the Morehead River. It is about 1km West of Morehead. This story was told at night by the campfire with an audience of small children by an older man. His wife sat next to him and always added to the story or reminded him of the parts he forgot. This nzürna story is rather long version and the speaker breaks into song at some points in the story. It is only partially transcribed and translated.