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This is a recording involving three older men who talk about all kinds of ritualistic knowledge: male initiation, old myths, the origin of fire, etc. This is sensitive information which should not be played to women or uninitiated males of the Morehead area.
This is recording of Abia Mbäri. I met Abia earlier and he promised to tell me the ancestor myth of the region. This is another version of the Kwafar myth, the flood, but also the burning tree and the origin of the fire. In another part Abia and his namesake Abia Bai are describing a particular kind of drum to me which was used for counting yams. recorded with a Canon XA 10 videocamera with a mounted shotgun microphone Rode Videomic.
This is the second day of birdwalks. We walked together with Moses Marua, Kaumb Bai and Abia Bai along the road to Morehead, east of Rouku. tci20131008CDv-01: Chris Healey is measuring the size of a bushfowl mount. Kaumb Bai is telling a story about the origin of fire. This story involves a particular bird. Abia Bai talks about various birds and their distinctive calls. tci20131008CDv-02: we are crossing the road in order to walk to Masu, a hamlet where the Mayawa clan used to live in the past. Abia sees a piece of firewood on the road and this prompts a little story. tci20131008CDv-04 - tci20131008CDv-06: we walk around in Masu, where some Mayawa families are now planting yams. tci20131008CDv-04: We walk to the story place in Masu. There is a very tall tree which can be seen even from Morehead. This is a story place. Abia Bai talks about this place, the ancestor and the old times. recorded with a Canon XA 10 with a mounted shotgun microphone Rode Videomic
This is one of several birdwalks through the forest in the vicinity of Rouku. A couple of men and a trail of interested childrens take me and Chris Healey along a forest track to Ntémäntér, a little hamlet 30minutes to the Northeast of Rouku. tci20131007-04: in Ntémäntér where we met some women who live there tci20131007-05: we stopped and sat down while Chris was measuring a bushfowl mount
This is a recording of Abia Bai who talks about different topics. tci20131013-01: This is a version of the founding myth at Kwafar from a Rouku, Mayawa perspective tci20131013-02: Abia talks about the life of the old woman Ausi Mbanta who lives with them. She has become and orphan in the last headhunting raid in the region. She must be at least 90 years old. tci20131013-03: Abia talks about the origin of sorcery recorded with a Canon XA 10 with a mounted shotgun microphone Rode Videomic