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The speaker tells a pig-hunting story which took place 30 years ago at Masu. This is was recorded during fencing work at a river garden. The speaker carries a lapel microphone.
This is a personal history of a man who is in charge of the only truck in the Morehead District. He talks about his experience with driving several trucks of the last 30 years. He is a influential, respected man in the village. The recording was made at his house in Rouku with several bystanders from his clan. The speaker was drinking beer while talking and he was drunk. He mixes up some fact and keeps on refering to me as steveAko5w
This is recording of Wermeng Wärménḡ Maembu. He talks about genealogy and a land dispute with another Sanḡara clan in Rouku. This material should be considered sensitive, at least until properly reviewed. recordings: tci20120926CDa-01, tci20120926CDa-02, and tci20120926CDa-03 are made with a Marantz PMD 661 recording: tci20120926CD-04 includes an audio file made with a Sony HDR HC1 videocamera
This is a story about a particular hunting expedition which the speaker and some friends undertook when they were young.
This is a recording of Abraham Maembu who talks about language ideology. He consideres the Kómnzo language as endangered because too many young children grow up speaking mother's language. He blames the mothers for teaching their children Wára or Anta. recorded with a Sony HDR-HC1 videocamera and a Marantz PMD 661.
This is a recording which was prompted by the researcher asking about what is going to happen in the next year with the upcoming nation-wide elections. The story was aimed at obtaining information about people's expectations as well as grammatical features far future.
This is a recording of the personal history of Babua Weni. He talks about being a delivery boy for the Australian Government and how he used to walk from Morehead to Weam when he was young. recorded with a Marantz PMD 661 and an AKG head-mounted microphone and a Sony HDR HC-1 videocamera.
This is a story about the origin place Faremkar the Farem's place. It is told by two elders from the Farem Sanḡara clan who live in Rouku Gunana now. They took the researcher to Faremkar which is about 3km North-East of Gunana. Faremkar is the origin place of all the Kómnzo speakers, but bears special significance to the Farem Sanḡara. The story contains a topic which is relevant to an ongoing debate about land ownership in Rouku. The debate involves two or three different Sanḡara clans in Rouku, namely: Farem, Mutherata and Wazu Sanḡara. The latter two are somewhat intermingled. The two speakers asked the researcher to make sure the other two Sanḡara clans will not listen to the story. The recording should therefore not be open access and anybody wanting to access the recording will have to follow this rule.
This is a recording of Trafe Kaumb who is talking about her personal history. She talks about her school life in Daru highschool.
This is a hunting story told by Masen Abia. recorded with a Canon XA 10 videocamera with a mounted shotgun microphone Rode Videomic
This is story about a man named Masen who fell of a coconut tree in the 1980's and died as a consequence. recorded with a Canon XA-10 videocamera and a Rode Videomic mounted on top. The wav file was recorded with a Marantz PMD 661 and an AKG head-mounted microphone
This is a story about a boy that drowned in Morehead River. This took place when the speaker was a school boy at the Mission school in Rouku. This story is retold and transcribed one year later tci20120904-02
this is nzürna trikasi. nzürna is a spirit woman witch that roams the forests. stories involving these nzürna women are a common kind of story. this particular story took place between Rouku and Morehead.
tci20120909CD-04: This is a personal history from Orot Mokai. He talks about making coconut wine when he was younger. recorded with a Sony HDR HC-1 videocamera. The wav file was recorded with a Marantz PMD 661 and an AKG head-mounted microphone. tci20120909CD-05: This is a subsequent discussion about various topics. recorded with a Sony HDR HC-1 videocamera.
This is a short recording of a story by Kaumb Mbai. He talks about how the first matches appeared in the Morehead District. The story contains a lot of funny parts where everyone around burst out in laughter. Although the speaker wear a AKG head-mounted mic, the audio from this source was corrupted. The video and the audio comes from a Sony HDR HC1 videocamera with a Rode Videomic mounted on top of it.