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This is a recording of a plant walk with two speakers. The walk took about one hour. We started in Rouku village (GPS: -8.7028 141.5977) and walked to Morehead River, along the riverbank to Mämbü (GPS: -8.710167 141.6005) and then into the forest to Wés Wés Zra (GPS: -8.715633 141.607917). The two speakers show us a number of plants and explain their usage. The audio was recorded with two wireless lapel microphones connected to a H4Zoom. The audio of both is merged into one file with separate channels for both speakers (tci20130907JMa-02-combined.wav). The separated channels are also available (tci20130907JMa-02-left.wav and tci20130907JMa-02-right.wav). All video was shot with a Canon XA 10. The associated video file for the audio recordings above is tci20130907CDv-02.mpeg. It contains a separate audio channel recorded with a shotgun microphone (Rode Videomic). The associated ELAN file (tci20130907CD-02.eaf) synchronizes tci20130907JMa-02-combined.wav and tci20130907CDv-02.mpeg. tci20130907CDv-01.mpeg was shot immediately before setting off. all other videos (tci20130907CDv-03.mpeg - tci20130907CDv-12.mpeg) were recorded at Wés Wés Zra (chopping wood) and on the way back to Rouku.